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research centres

CWI Dual band filter for broadband internet satellite antenna

The Centre for Wireless Innovation (CWI)

This new centre will be an engine driving the future of wireless enabled connectivity.

It has been formed by bringing together the existing High Frequency Electronics and Wireless Communication Systems clusters at ECIT.

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A European pioneer

This gives Queen's the largest research base in physical layer wireless within the UK and one of the strongest in Europe.

60 people including over 16 academics carry out research under the theme of “Redefining wireless communication and sensing systems for the 21st Century”.

The Centre for Data Science and Scalable Computing (DSSC)

The overarching mission of this Centre is to investigate, explore, and advance the foundations that address the challenges relevant to the information explosion phenomenon.

This includes the collection, storage, processing, querying, extraction, integration, and analysis of data in heterogeneous forms from billions of sources.

Professor Dimitrios Nikolopolis

Driven by global needs

The Centre’s research will be driven by global challenges.

It is underpinned by research in disruptive system technologies for scalable and ubiquitous data management and analytics.

Raspberry Pi SIVS Lab

The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT)

The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) is the UK’s largest academic research centre in cyber security and one of the largest in Europe.

All its research is carried out under the theme of “Securing our Digital Tomorrow”. The Centre was awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2015 for its world class research, innovation and economic impact.

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A global innovation hub

From the outset, CSIT has had two main aims.

The first has been to undertake research of the highest international quality in the field of cyber security, a major societal challenge. The second has been to establish CSIT as a Global Innovation Hub consistent with its role as the UK’s Innovation and Knowledge Centre in this area.

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